Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Company, ‘As You Are Now So Once Were We’

Peacock Stage, Abbey Theatre, Dublin
Jan 25 – Feb 5

I sang high praise of The Company’s excellent As You Are Now So Once Were We in my ‘Best of Irish Theatre 2010’ over Christmas (a link to that review is at the bottom of this post), and the show comes back tonight on the Peacock Stage for a run until Feb 5. I’m going to use the comments section below as a platform for discussing the show.

The Company invited me to their dress rehearsal today and the show is as fantastic as I remembered. As You Are … is an artifice composed of friendship, cardboard boxes, meticulous performances, charm, and an undercurrent of philosophical hues that are gorgeously imagined.


 Original Review for ‘As You Are …’:

Trailer for ‘As You Are …’:

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