Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Wrong Curtain, ‘Cíosa Le Gear’

Cíosa Le Gear, The play I’ve directed with Wrong Curtain, opens tonight in the Town Hall, Galway and runs until Friday 21st. I’m always looking for feedback so please feel free to use the comments section below to share your thoughts. Here is the show’s press release:

Cíosa Le Gear is a contemplation into the human-music rapport. Cíosa is a real-life young songwriter from Galway. Using biographical information from a series of interviews, a group of actors and musicians have come to form relationships with Cíosa and her songs, whilst reflecting on their own relationships to music in the process. After weeks of exploration we found not only Cíosa, but ourselves.

Cíosa Le Gear is our way of telling you our secret. 

Wrong Curtain was established by John J. Smyth and Chris McCormack in 2010 to practice theatre that is in aberration from the traditional. Our aim is to render theatrical space in its intimate and harmonious quarters as opposed to its fictitious faculties. Through the rearranging of theatrical form, we seek to explore realities that are universal and true.

Will be getting around to writing my thoughts on the Imagine Ireland scheme and the Irish Times Theatre nominations later in the week.

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