Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Landmark Productions, 'These Halcyon Days': Love in Time of Nenagh

Civic Theatre, Tallaght
Jul 9-13

I don't have time to do a full review of These Halcyon Days by Deirdre Kinahan, which is now on an extensive tour backed by Landmark Productions.

Kinahan's play finds a theatre virtuoso named Sean, who after a stellar career with roles in Henry V and The Italian Job spends his days in the conservatory of a nursing home, suffering from dementia. Upon meeting another resident, the spirited Patricia, the two strike up a beautiful relationship, while she attempts to scatter the fog over Sean's recollections of his life.

Stephen Brennan is excellent as the aged thespian, his gentle presence charming and vulnerable. Anita Reeves can pack a punchline but I do feel that she's hammy at times. Some of her delivery could be dialed down.

What is promising is Kinahan's abilities as a playwright. Watch as this sweet relationship blossoms under the delicate guidance of her and director David Horan. She writes good dialogue and has a clever turn of phrase.

Though the low-key tranquility of the play is suggested by its title, you can't help but feel that These Halcyon Days plays the game a little too safe. It's a sweet story but lacks something dramatic to truly make the experience worth it. Here's hoping that Kinahan and company take a few more risks next time around.

What did everybody else think?

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