Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Cancelations and Salutations

I headed East towards home for the weekend, only to discover that Kildare and Dublin have transformed into Hoth in my absence. Unfortunately, the icy roads derailed my plans to see Slattery’s Sago Saga in the Riverbank and Wayne Jordan’s siren Ellamenope Jones in the Project (those who have seen either, feel free to discuss them in the frozen pipes comments section below).

My time hibernating in the midlands got me thinking about a ‘Best of Irish Theatre 2010’ list to post up on the blog. The list will be impaired by my having shamefully missed several significant productions this past year (Annie Ryan’s Happy Days, pretty much anything by Lynne Parker and Rough Magic, John Gabriel Borkman, World’s End Lane, to name a few). Eventually, I was able to condense the list down to five productions which I saw and felt were a league above the others. I’m also going to do a ‘Best of International Theatre 2010’ list, which will feature five performances from non-Irish practitioners which I saw here and abroad. 

What are your thoughts on the past year of theatre? Best shows? Worst shows?

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